Welcome to Scanning.Guide!

We hope this guide will help you in your efforts of creating archival quality scans of different media, such as photos, covers, manuals, and more.

Preservation of analog data is by definition a lossy process.
This guide focuses on getting it 99.9% correct.

The goal is to not cut corners, and avoid a need to rescan by getting you the best feasible scan possible immediately. Based on our research, current scanning hardware and software is fantastic for our purposes, and it’s unlikely scanning will greatly improve in the near future, with regards to discernible quality, so it’s as good of time as ever to start scanning. Our two main requirements when preserving the content are that you are able to scan at minimally 800DPI and in 48-bit color. RAW scans are also required and are discussed in a later section but that has to do more with software and not hardware. Depending on which scanner you’re using this may or may not be possible, feel free to ask us in the VGPC Discord #scans_vgsc channel if you’re unsure, and we will try and assist you.

If you have items you are willing to have scanned but don’t want to mess with all this, please let us know in the Discord! There are people in there that will be glad to scan your items and return them to you. We’ll likely even cover the shipping charges both ways.